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Sword and ChrysanthemumWe are a club that practices Muso Jikiden Eishen Ryu Iaido under an organisation known as the Roshukai, headed by Iwata Sensei in Japan, and Neil Kemp Sensei in the U.K (the Eikoku Roshukai).

Iaido is an old and very traditional Japanese martial art which involves the use of the Katana - the longer of the traditional "samurai" swords. Unlike Kendo in Iaido we begin and end with the sword in its saya or scabbard.

Sword and SayaWe hope that these pages will serve as an introduction to this fascinating art, and that maybe you will come along and train with us so that you can see for yourself.



Below are some pictures, mostly of tameshigiri or practice cutting. These pictures are thumbnails, click any one to enlarge.

Alan cutting
Colin cutting
Colin cutting
John cutting
Robbie cutting
Group picture



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